Day Porter at macy's

Dale Cook
Phone number +1-920-809-3775

Job Opportunity at macy's in Fox River Mall

Part Time
Posted Fri, Aug 21
Dale Cook
Phone number +1-920-809-3775

Blue Chip Pros is a leading commercial cleaning business dedicated to the highest standards of quality and integrity and is looking for a Day Porter to work in our Macy's location.  

Essential Functions Include;

  • Maintaining clean floors and assures wet floor signs are in place to avoid slip and falls.
  • Assures floor mats are in place and clean where required.
  • Assures the garage or parking areas are clean including outside areas around the customer facilities were applicable.
  • Sweep and maintain all the parking lots, keeping them free from papers, glass, etc.
  • Cleans all main elevators, removing all hand prints and papers.
  • Dust mop and spot mop the main lobby and building common areas.
  • Cleans the glass throughout the shift.
  • Completes high dusting of the window areas.
  • Empties trash.
  • Report items that need to be addressed and/or fixed.
  • Cleans restroom.
  • Completes other duties as assigned.